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Custom Tamagotchi Set [BTS BT21]

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Custom Tamagotchi Set [BTS BT21]
Custom Tamagotchi Set [BTS BT21]
Custom Tamagotchi Set [BTS BT21]

Customizable tamagotchis! You can put on the sticker of your choice. Each set comes with 1 keychain + 1 Sticker sheet.

★ 3.5x5 inch (12x9 cm)
★ Vibrant full color print with opaque white ink 
★ Clear waterproof Vinyl

★ 2 inches (~5cm)
★ Vibrant double-sided print
★ Clear Acrylic + glitter coat finish
★ Star-shaped Key Clip

Packaged in bubble wrap envelopes. I ship packages every week.
North America: ~10 business days
International: ~15 business days

Artwork by ToasterKiwi
Keywords: BTS V taehyung Suga Yoongi Jungkook Jimin Jin BT21 J-Hope RM RapMon

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